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20-21 Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Grant Recipients

The Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Committee is so excited to announce our inaugural awarding of the D&IE Grants.  The grants are for a program/project/resource etc. which will support the diversity and inclusion efforts in the campus community and/or student experience.  The proposals are from a student affairs campus-based entity and could not exceed a request of over $5,000.  There were some very competitive and thoughtful proposals which made it difficult in awarding. 

Please congratulate our grant recipients below:

  • Restorative Justice for Bias Incidents and Historical Harm Training, Office of Student Conduct: "This grant requests funds for a virtual training on “Restorative Justice for Bias Incidents and Historical Harm Training” facilitated by the Center for Restorative Justice, which is housed in the School of Leadership and Education Sciences (SOLES) at the University of San Diego. Specifically, the intent of the training is to assist the Office of Student Conduct in establishing a Bias Response Committee for Students in the Division of Student Affairs. This proposal will explain the philosophy of restorative justice, the training, and what it will accomplish."
  • How to be an Anti-Racist book club for ACT students, Appalachian & the Community Together (ACT) office: "This grant will purchase 20+ copies of, How to be an Anti-Racist, for members of the ACT Team to read together in a book club format. Students will read designated chapters each week and then join together with their peers for discussion of the text. Students will talk about what they have learned, what they agree or disagree with, and the implications that the teachings from the text have on the work we do in community engagement."
  • Celebration Garden, App State Child Development Center: "This grant will create a garden with colorfully decorated poles that have our tagline nurture hearts, inspire minds in different languages that are important to the staff and families of our Center.  The goal is to create a beautiful, visual representation of the diversity and rich languages embodied by our CDC community so that we can honor the home to school connection."
  • Adaptive Climbing Wall, University Recreation: "This grant is proposing to launch a new adaptive climbing program at the Student Recreation Center. With this grant we will be able to buy the necessary equipment to adapt the climbing to different physical, cognitive, and social/emotional disabilities. The grant will also cover the expenses for a training for student and professional staff."
  • Making the Invisible Visible, Counseling Center: "Making the Invisible Visible: Dialogues of Hope and Racial Healing in Brave Spaces Workshop series offered through the Counseling Center for students, staff, and faculty, presented by mental health professionals of color. This workshop series will focus on the intersection of psychological health and race, and it aims to address requests by students of color to have access to and support from mental health professionals of color. The content covered in this workshop series will support the diversity and inclusion goals established by the university and by Student Affairs to improve the culture of care and intercultural connection at AppState, while also providing guidance for white students, faculty and staff to more effectively engage in allyship and trauma-informed care."
  • Justice-based Leadership Series, Offices of Leadership Education & Development, Intercultural Student Affairs and Appalachian & the Community Together: "The LEAD, ACT, and ISA offices have been collaboratively planning a virtual (Zoom) justice-based leadership series with Break Away, a non-profit focused on active citizenship within alternative breaks and beyond. Representatives from each of these areas have met to organize this series in coordination with Juan's ongoing communication with Break Away. The offices will collaboratively recruit students to create a maximum attendance size of 60 students per session. Break Away staff will coordinate all curriculum and facilitation, and each of the three offices will engage in follow-up programming in the spring semester."
  • Career Representatives, Career Development Center: "Career Reps: A small team of involved students representing diverse identities will be hired to share valuable perspective with staff and further immerse Career Development offerings in campus affinity groups. Their role will be to provide the Career Development Center with advice and promotional support of all services, programs, and events offered by the Career Development Center. This team is an important component of a larger plan forming within the Career Development Center to educate on diversity & inclusion efforts."

Thank you to our committee of readers for their diligent work in reading each grant and providing feedback!  Thank you also to our Diversity & Inclusive Excellence committee for all of the backend work provided.  Last but not least, thank you to Vice Chancellor JJ brown for making this a priority!

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Student Employee Appreciation Week


"Employee appreciation is directly tied with job satisfaction, workplace happiness, and employee morale. When you show your employees that you care, it can also boost motivation, increase engagement, foster loyalty, and increase productivity."

Did you know we have roughly 3000 student employees each year? In addition to the benefits above, 3000 students feeling appreciation is also a powerful thing for our campus as a whole!

What are we asking of YOU between 11/16-11/20? Please complete the following 5 actions that can be scaled to your operation as needed.

1. A simple note: Write your employees a quick, individualized, hand-written note - of course email can also work! Have a lot of employees? Make a plan to divide and conquer! Aim to share something specific for how they have mattered to you & your organization.

2. Instagram shout-outs (Tuesday): first, make sure to follow @appstatecareers on Instagram and Facebook

  • Plan to comment on our Instagram "Supervisors Say ..." post on Tuesday, 11/17; tag the employee(s) you mention!
  • And: post some appreciation on your own social media site, too, and tag us! (@appstatecareers)

3. Spread the word: Share this flier with your students (forward the flier / put by their workstation / post by timeclock) regarding our sweet giveaways and encourage them to come by our contact table on 11/18 to get some free sweet tea, grab some swag, and feel the love!

4. A meaningful chat: Aim to have a personal "check in" with each student employee prior to Thanksgiving; this has been a rough semester for all and connecting on this level lets them know you care about them as a person! Catch them during their shift for a few minutes or schedule some quick time via zoom.

5. Report back: Plan to loop back with Student Employment ( and let us know about your efforts to make your students feel valued during Student Employee Appreciation Week!

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On Campus Housing Winter Updates

The residence halls close on Wednesday, November 25, 2020 at 12 PM for winter break. Students must leave the residence halls by that time and the halls will remain closed until 8 AM on Friday, January 15, 2021. Students are not required to completely move out all belongings over the break, but University Housing is encouraging them to move completely out and return their key via the Express Checkout process if they have not yet finalized their plans for Spring 2021. Students may simply check back in when they arrive back to campus in January if necessary. No students will have access to the residence halls over the break and should pack for the break accordingly (including but limited to textbooks, electronics, passports, medication, winter items, etc.).

A Winter 2020 page was created to update students on changes to University Housing, which are effective immediately. These changes include not offering on-campus housing to newly admitted Spring students, as well as students who exempted from living on campus in the Fall 2020 semester. The Admissions Office emailed this information to affected students.

In other news, resident assistants (RAs) have wrapped up their second round of one-on-one conversations, called AppChats, with residents. They discussed academics, time management, connection to campus, self-care/stress management techniques, and also began the conversation about where students are thinking about living next year.

Also, the residence hall buildings are wrapping up campus partner programs with Wellness and Prevention Services, which centered on mindfulness, safe sex, and substance use.

Finally, RAs are conducting closing floor meetings, during which they will share closing information, from November 8-15.

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University Recreation Updates

UREC has been busy this semester creating safe facility spaces and programs for the Appalachian community. We had an unexpected start to the semester when indoor gyms and recreation centers remained closed in NC due to measures to prevent the spread of Covid. We have adjusted through the various phases of reopening to provide a much needed outlet for students to maintain their mental and physical well being.

Our new software program Fusion, accessible by your smartphone, allowed us to create a detailed reservation system for all our facilities and programs. This system allows students to register for the type of activity, program or space they choose, guarantees them a space to recreate and prevents people from congregating in our facilities while providing a real time and detailed method to contact trace if needed. The result has been an active student body participating in our programs and facilities. The numbers below reflect students, faculty, or staff members who have been engaged with UREC from Aug. 17 to Nov. 1, 2020.

We have had 2,507 people lap swim in the aquatic facility in the SRC so far this fall. We have had to suspend swim lessons and other related clinics but will resume those as soon as we can.

Intramural Sports, typically reliant on leagues of team sports like flag football, soccer, and basketball have had to get creative by offering individual competitions outdoors like punt pass kick and soccer shootouts. We are slowly moving indoors and will transition to include activities such as volleyball skills, three point contests, and table tennis.

Club Sports teams are allowed to meet as long as club team leadership provide a detailed Return to Play manual detailing how they can safely practice their sport. This process, guided by our professional staff, and based on state and national guidelines, has resulted in 1,105 student participant days engaged in safe, physically distanced practice activity for Club Sport team members.

Outdoor Program has made some adjustments with their operations and are doing trips and trip staff training within Watauga County. OP has conducted a total of 16 trips so far this semester serving 111 students. 241 students have utilized the Broadstone facility, and 99 students have participated in Team Building Courses at the Broadstone facility. Students continue to utilize the Bike App solar powered trailer on Rivers St. and 714 students have climbed on the wall in the SRC. 108 people have rented camping equipment so far this semester for their own outdoor adventures.

In the SRC, we have had 6,326 people utilize the weight room, including the outdoor weight room that was created at the beginning of the semester, and 3,608 people have used the cardio equipment. In the Quinn Center, 2,859 have utilized the weight room and 582 have used the cardio equipment.

In-person fitness classes have been creative and flexible this semester utilizing a number of different spaces including Sanford Mall, the Howard’s Knob outdoor patio, other outdoor spaces, and the SRC and Quinn Center. We have conducted 148 in-person fitness classes serving 717 students and have offered 138 virtual fitness classes serving 355 students.

Our professional and student staff have done an amazing job adapting to their new responsibilities during Covid. They have provided significant leadership to ensure safe facilities and programs to over 19,000 people in the Appalachian community this fall. UREC will continue to innovate and work hard to meet the critically important wellness needs of our students in these ever changing times. 

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