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For details about Student Affairs operations, see the Student Affairs Covid-19 Response. Updated June 10, 2020 at 8:20 a.m.

Student Affairs Learning Goals

033The Division of Student Affairs' learning goals are the outcomes that we have for students as a result of experiencing our programs and services.  Our belief is students, who engage in Student Affairs activities and services, will transform and develop within each of these goals.  The Student Affairs Division assesses students development of a select group of learning goals each year.


Becoming Intentional Learners

Students will identify, engage in, and integrate experiential opportunities with classroom learning and articulate transferable skills learned from these experiences.


Fostering Healthy Relationships

Students will build trusting and supportive relationships and we work towards sucessfully resolving interpersonal conflicts.


Embracing Diversity of Thought, Belief, and Community

Students will bring and be exposed to a multiplicity of perspectives to our community through exchange and challenge of ideas.  Students will engage with different people and cultures in order to more fully understand the world around them and make local to global connections.



Understanding Community Responsibility

Students will participate in community based activities and articulate personal responsibility within the community.


Understanding Self and Others

Students will identify and participate in opportunities that promote self-reflection and personal awareness to develop resiliency, autonomy and authenticity.