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Student Affairs Educational Priorities

The Division of Student Affairs has four educational priorities that guide the learning and development outcomes that can result from engaging in programs and services across the division. The Division's Assessment Fellows support the educational planning, measurement, and improvement planning for these outcomes.

These priorities align with the University's Strategic Plan (opens in a new tab) directive to create a transformational educational experience through cocurricular learning by: providing services and creating opportunities that empower students to make responsible life choices that enhance their health, safety, and wellbeing, through our programs services, and facilities; facilitating the development of our students to become adaptable, innovative, resilience, and engaged individuals who are active participants in their own success; and creating and enhancing programs, experiential opportunities, and services that support our academic mission and foster the intellectual, personal, and professional development of our students.

Career Readiness

Career Readiness is students' attainment and demonstration of competencies that broadly prepare them for a successful transition into the workplace.

Inclusive Community

Inclusive Community is the preparation of students to engage in action, within their communities and work settings, to create an inclusive community.

Personal Development

Personal Development is the growth that students experience as they continue building their understanding of self and their relationships with others in new situations and environments.


Wellbeing is the presence of a positive quality and state of a person's life.