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Health, Safety, & Wellness

009University Health & Safety Council:

The University Health and Safety Council was formed in 2008 and is dedicated to safety and security of the University community, both on and off campus. The Council was established to oversee all of the organizations on-campus that offer help and resources with the mission of making the Appalachian community a safer place for everyone, regardless of whether you're a student or staff member.

The goals of the University Health & Safety Council are to provide mentoring and counseling (both mental and financial) to staff and faculty, particularly those who have experienced workplace violence, i.e. bullying, etc. They research and develop training programs as identified in the Campus Climate Survey for workplace violence and interpersonal violence that can be sustained on our campus, including the training of current employees who have expertise in these areas along with the implementation of national resources that can be obtained at a relatively low cost. They also establish a program that creates building emergency action teams in each academic and administrative building to help facilitate preparedness and response activities, as well as provide ongoing training opportunities for team members and building occupants.

There are several subcommittees within the University Health & Safety Council that serve as part of the Behavioral Intervention Team System to collaborate during assessments and interventions.

008University Health and Safety Council Subcommittees

Early Intervention Team (EIT)

1st level of the Behavioral Intervention Team System

The Early Intervention Team addresses lower level student concerns. The Team’s main function is to meet with students who are showing signs of difficulty with university life and connect them to support and resources to help them be well and academically successful. EIT is a faculty and staff-led entity, with consultation from Counseling and Psychological Services , the Student Wellness Center , the Insitute for Health and Human Services , the Student Learning Center , the University College Academic Advising and Orientation Center and a number of other units and campus personnel.

Campus Awareness Response and Education (CARE) Team

2nd level in the Behavioral Intervention Team System

The CARE Team addresses upper level student concerns. The Team’s main function is to provide students that are navigating significant challenges with the support and resources available to them to help them be safe, well, and academically successful. The CARE Team is a group of committed professionals with representation from Student Affairs, Academic Affairs , Business Affairs , and Enrollment Management . For additonal resources about CARE, see Case Management and the Office of the Dean of Students .

Threat Assessment Team

3rd level in the Behavioral Intervention Team System

This team, led by the Appalachian Police Department , addresses imminent safety concerns to the campus community. This team is convened on a case-by-case basis, and is comprised of professionals from across campus.