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WeCARE Experiences

The We Coach, Advocate, Refer, and Educate (WeCARE) student employees of Wellness and

Prevention Services spend their hours in the office digging into the work of public health for the sake of

their fellow students. Their ability to think broadly in brainstorming and get involved in events on the

ground offers these young professionals a unique perspective on the workforce, while benefitting their

peers on and off-campus. All of this, they would argue, is probably second in importance to the

welcoming environment of the office, as well as the fun they get to have in creatively approaching the

work that they do. These students have the capacity to truly learn through experience working alongside

subject matter experts and campus partners. Just this semester, WeCARE has had the opportunity to

create bulletin boards, flyers, and social media posts to promote the many events and services they help

create and run, like The Mindful Meal, Take Back the Night, and the Condom Fairy. One student, Brianna

Pressey, said about the work: “I love being a WeCARE Peer Educator! The work I do with WPS makes a

huge impact on campus, and it is crucial now more than ever for students to be educated on public

health issues." Wellness likewise benefits from the time and effort of these students, and it is no

exaggeration to say the work would not be the same without them. Students interested in working with

WeCARE should keep their eyes on Handshake each academic year, as well as the WPS Engage page and

website to find more events and resources available through the department.

Apr 23