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Climate Concerns

Statement on Campus Climate:

The Division of Student Affairs affirms the importance of an inclusive community where all are valued and respected. We provide a safe, supportive environment that values the identities, beliefs, and abilities of all people, while also acknowledging the complexity of our United States history.

As a Division, we acknowledge that history includes examples of both formal and informal structures, policies, and practices that have limited or excluded opportunities for individuals or groups of people. While efforts have been made to address these inequities, the impact of these structures continues to exist. In support of building a community that infuses belonging in all aspects of our Division, we nurture student and staff growth and promote critical thinking through educational opportunities, engaging experiences, and in dynamic dialogue that reflects our societal climate.

Belonging brings a multiplicity of perspectives to our community; cultivates the exchange and challenge of new ideas and honors varied traditions, cultures, and points of view. Every person deserves a positive and welcoming University experience supported by equitable access to services and resources as a normative practice. 

Furthermore, we commit ourselves to the following:

  • Developing a culture of care that enables all to enjoy a positive campus experience
  • Implementing student and staff initiatives, programs and services that raise awareness, increase knowledge, and develop skills
  • Utilizing student voices to inform our practices and policy development
  • Ensuring policies reflect inclusive excellence
  • Strengthening recruitment and retention efforts to cultivate and support a more diverse staff and student body
  • Utilizing partnerships to create a community that affirms belonging
  • Providing ongoing training opportunities to increase cultural competencies
  • Assessing and reviewing efforts on an annual basis

The continued work of the Campus Climate Committee is informed and influenced by:

What We Believe

Our core value is inclusiveness in our services and programs.


  • To support and enhance existing programs
  • To foster an environment of tolerance, understanding and acceptance of diverse lifestyles
  • To encourage the appreciation of all groups