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Departmental Directory


Dr. Heather Strine-Patterson | Director

Career Development:

Dr. Susan McCracken | Director

The Career Development Center works to develop the career and professional skills of students through career counseling, presentations, workshops and web-based resources. The staff facilitates unions between students and employers, that benefit the state as a whole, through career fairs, employer workshops, and information sessions, networking events and on-campus interviewing opportunities.

Child Development:

Moriah Stegall | Director

The Child Development Center provides quality care and education for 68 children, infants through preschool, whose parents are faculty/staff or students of Appalachian State. Children learn through play and our teachers value the importance it has in a child's development. The center incorporates Creative Curriculum and North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development when developing lesson plans for classroom activities.

Counseling & Psychological Services:

Dr. Chris Hogan | Director

The Counseling Center provides a variety of free and confidential mental health and wellness services to students in a non-judgemental environment. The goal of the Counseling Center is to assist the University in maximizing the personal growth and development of its students. Services provided include consultations, individual and group counseling, couples and family counseling, workshops, educational programming, prevention programs, 24-hour emergency services and referral coordination and resources.

Office of the Dean of Students:

Alan Rasmussen | Interim Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students operates as an advocate for students and as a clearinghouse for questions regarding student life. This includes student health (extended illness, death in the family, ect.), extended absences, safety issues, conduct violations, and on and off campus behavior.

Electronic Student Services:

Brian Brown | Director

Electronic Student Services serves the Division of Student Affairs by providing web hosting; online application development; systems and solutions analysis; and escalated technical support to staff and on-campus residence halls.

Intercultural Student Affairs:

Lamont Sellers | Director

Intercultural Student Affairs provides marginalized and underrepresented students with mentoring, advocacy, community and identity affirmation; as well as by offering multiple and varied learning opportunities for all Appalachian students to develop an appreciation for diversity and different perspectives, enhance self-awareness, increase multicultural knowledge and strengthen intercultural competency.

Parent and Family Services:

Allison Dodson | Director

Parent and Family Services provides assistance and engagement opportunities to parents and family members of Appalachian students. The Parent and Family Association offers the parents and family of students a unique communication link with administrators, faculty members and others from the university community. They provide up to date information about campus issues and opportunities to participate in special projects which enrich the lives of students.

Off-Campus Student Services:

Karla Rusch | Director

Off-Campus Student Services provides programming and resources for Appalachian Students living off-campus or planning to move off-campus. They provide information that will help students make appropriate decisions about moving off-campus while teaching students problem-solving tools and strategies.

Student Health Services:

Dr. Taylor Rushing | Medical Director

Ms. Margaret Bumgarner| Administrative Director


The Mary S. Shook Student Health Service is a primary care ambulatory campus health clinic helping meet the needs of Appalachian State University students. The clinic provides accredited primary health care while engaging in ongoing collaboration with Academics and other Student Support Services throughout the University. Providing high-quality care at a low cost, the clinic is open year round with limited services on weekends and during semester breaks.

Student Legal Services:

Karla Rusch, Attorney | Director

Student Legal Services provides free, confidential legal advice to all students. A licensed attorney will provide information and advice and will assist students in developing strategies for addressing their issues. The attorney will also provide legal research, review court papers or other documents, help students draft written communications and make referrals.

Staff Development and Strategic Initiatives:

Traci Royster | Director

The Office of Staff Development & Strategic Initiatives facilitates professional development opportunities to full-time staff and graduate students throughout the Division of Student Affairs. This office also coordinates fundraising and communication for the Division of Student Affairs.

Student Conduct:

Erin Bunton | Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct works to educate students about community standards, promote student learning and accountability, and facilitate the development of thoughtful and responsible individuals. The University acknowledges that students have rights and responsibilities as members of the Appalachian State University community and that the University has expectations regarding the behavior of its members which extend beyond the classroom into all aspects of life.

Student Engagement and Leadership:

Jeff Cathey | Director | Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor

Student Engagement & Leadership works to enrich student lives through programs, services, facilities, and involvement opportunities to prepare students to lead and serve in a changing global society.

University Housing:

Dr. Tom Kane | Director

University Housing provides safe and sustainable housing for the Appalachian community and creates a learning-centered home that engages residents to become active citizens of the world. They provide students with convenient, well-maintained housing and foster a learning-oriented community that creates connections and opportunities for meaningful experiences.

University Recreation:

Rodo Leone | Director

University Recreation provides structured and unstructured leisure time activities for students. It is through these activities that students learn life-long skills that contribute to their social, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth and development.  University Recreation is the playground for AppState students developing strength in body, mind and character.

Wellness & Prevention Services:

Dr. Alex Howard | Director | Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor

Wellness & Prevention Services' mission to serve all students through the promotion of healthy behaviors, risk behavior modification services, and advocacy for campus-wide health policies that facilitate student success and holistic well-being. We offer services promoting health awareness and active lifestyles while taking a holistic approach to wellness, encompassing eight dimensions: emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual.