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University Housing's Reapplication Process

University Housing’s reapplication process is underway and will continue through February 7.

As you know, Appalachian State University requires all incoming first-year students to live on campus. The communities our students become a part of, and the educational components provided to them in residence halls during their first year as Mountaineers, are factors that contribute to Appalachian’s exceptional retention and graduation rates, which far exceed national averages.

For this reason, we prioritize housing first-year students. Other students who receive priority for on-campus housing include some new transfer students, students who have a housing scholarship, or students who belong to a special program with a requirement to live in a residence hall. We offer a greater percentage of invitations to rising second-year students than to students returning for the third year or more.

All students who live on campus now and want to live on campus for the 2021-2022 academic year must go through a reapplication process. This year, due to concerns over COVID-19, we understand many students exempted from living on campus. For that reason, we will also make the reapplication process open to students who were exempted from on-campus housing in the beginning of Fall 2020 and to those first-year students who were unable to live on-campus in Spring 2021.

Here’s how the reapplication process works:

1. Students who meet the criteria discussed above can now apply for reapplication through the University Housing if they wish to live on campus for the 2021-2022 academic year. Applying does not obligate them to live on campus. Students may apply at any time during the reapplication period.

2. Priority populations will begin their self-select process in January when classes resume for the Spring 2021 semester.

3. ALL roommate pairing requests for continuing students will be done as part of the application process through Feb. 7, not as a part of the selection process. If a student receives a selection invitation, they will only be allowed to invite their roommate as chosen in their application to choose a space with them. Roommate groups are limited to 2 students. Additional requests for suitemates or apartments can be made after the room selection process is complete and only if all involved students have signed their Residence Hall License Contract.

4. In mid-February, general students who are selected to live on campus will receive an invitation via email to select on-campus housing. Students who are not selected will receive a notice indicating they were not selected.

5. Students who receive a selection invitation can choose a space and sign a Residence Hall License Contract or decline at that time. Single occupancy rooms are not available at the time of selection and contracting and are not guaranteed. Students who have a signed Residence Hall License Contract for 2021-2022 will be eligible for the upgrade request process after all ADA accommodations are met later in the summer.

6. Students who are not selected may appeal if they have significant need to be housed on campus and off-campus housing cannot accommodate these needs. University Housing will focus on those appeals that have high financial need based on guidelines from the Office of Financial Aid. Appeals for other reasons will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Limited appeals are granted based on the number of beds available which is anticipated to be very small.

For students who do not receive an on-campus assignment, and for those who are looking for off-campus housing throughout their student experience at Appalachian, resources are available through the Off-Campus Housing Office.

If you have additional questions about the process or resources, please contact the Assignments Coordinator at or 828-262-6111.

Dec 17, 20