Diversity & Inclusive Excellence Committee

038The major task of this committee will be to serve as an advisory group in making sure that as a Division we are successfully accomplishing the goals and initiatives highlighted throughout the University's strategic plan, especially those that focus on diversity.

As we determine ways to tell our story and to show evidence of our work, this committee will help us answer these two fundamental questions, “What are our diversity and inclusion successes and what are our challenges with possible outcomes?” and What else should we be doing to prepare our staff to meet the needs of a diverse student body?"

Listed below are the areas of the University’s strategic plan that we will help guide this committee’s work:


Goal One | Creating the Transformational Educational Experience:

Engage students in diverse experiences on campus and abroad to increase their knowledge of global issues, regions and cultures; improve their intercultural skills; and, develop attitudes that cultivate global citizenship.


Goal Four | Embracing Diversity of Thought, Belief and Community:

  • Continue to create programs for students, faculty and staff geared to making the campus climate equally welcoming for all members of the community.
  • Create a reporting structure to ensure that all campus leadership groups, councils, committees, and boards model the best practices in diversity and inclusion.
  • Implement model practices for recruitment of a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students.
  • Reward successes in increased diversity in units across campus.
  • Improve resources and services needed to attract and support diversity faculty and students.
  • Improve campus accessibility for individuals with disabilities.