Institutional Effectiveness

011Learning Goals:

Our learning goals learning goals are the expectations the Division of Student Affairs has for students as a result of experiencing our programs and services. Our belief is that students who engage in Student Affairs activities and services will more fully develop within each of these outcomes.


Institutional Effectiveness Cycle:

The "Institutional Effectiveness Cycle" (IE Cycle) at Appalachian State University is the comprehensive process that integrates strategic planning, assessment, periodic comprehensive review, and annual reporting. It is the institutional tool that allows the University to marshal its resources most effectively in support of its mission and to document success in fulfilling its mission.


Divisional Priorities:


Assessment is all about continual improvement and evidence-based decision making and is essential in providing quality programs and services.


Periodic Comprehensive Review:

All units on campus complete an in-depth review at least every 7 years, focused on program improvement and planning. This review examines a department's mission, goals, outcomes, resources, activities, strengths, and areas for improvement.


Annual Reports:

Each year, all units in the Division will complete a high-level summary of their accomplishments, barriers to success, assessment results, professional activities of their staff and goals for the upcoming academic year.



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