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Student Affairs Staff Senators

Appalachian State University’s Staff Senate is comprised of elected representatives who work closely with university administration and the UNC System Staff Assembly to address issues and develop best solutions for staff and the university community.  Did you know that we have staff senators that represent the Division of Student Affairs?  Well we do and I would like to thank those who are rolling off and introduce our new/current staff senators.


Thank you to the following individuals for representing Student Affairs in the Staff Senate over the past couple of years (Zachary Birtsch not pictured):

Heidi Campbell

“I am rolling off Staff Senate this year, after serving two terms. I joined Staff Senate for the following reasons: to represent the voice of my colleagues at the Counseling Center and within the Division of Student Affairs among the ASU administration and community at large; to advocate for a healthy, safe, positive working environment for all ASU staff; and to engage in service to the campus and community through events such as the AppKIDS Shopping Day and 5K, and App Builds a Home.”

Gabby Dickey

"I joined Staff Senate to connect with other staff across campus and understand our campus culture to a greater extent as a professional. I've served a two year term and will now step down to allow other staff this opportunity. My favorite part of my time with our Staff Senate was being able to serve on university committees that I would not have had the opportunity to serve on if it weren't for the network created by staff senate. This opportunity definitely opened my eyes to the varying perspectives and value systems within our own campus. "


Chris Miller 

I joined the Staff Senate to be more involved with recognition of our faculty and staff.  I volunteered to be on the Shout Out Committee because I loved seeing our App State Family recognized for doing great things that sometimes might have gone unnoticed!  I have been a senator for 4 years!

Geralyn Mitchell

“I served as a senator for 1 term (2 years) and joined because I wanted to be involved with the campus at a university level and represent Student Affairs and the Career Development Center. While serving on staff senate, I was the chair of the Constitution and Bi Laws committee as well as Chair of the Election Committee last academic year. I also currently serve as a member of the Staff Recognition Committee and the University Calendar Committee.”

Janice Smith

I have been employed with Appalachian State University for over 15 years,  in my position  in the Department of University Housing. I joined the Staff Council shortly after I was employed.  I have seen staff come and go over the years. The most exciting, but sad part of my job, is working with our Graduate Students.  What is rewarding for me is to see them grow in those two years into young professionals, but then they leave to become successful young professionals.  I remain in contact with them, watching them marry and start families.  I tell you all of this as a background to your question...BECAUSE the Students are the Life of Appalachian State University!Why did I join the Staff Senate?   I joined because Staff Senate represents the voice of staff at Appalachian State University and the UNC System. Staff Senate ensures that staff have a safe positive work atmosphere and are treated with respect, allowing them to develop their own personal and professional careers.  Appalachian State has always been a "family" caring and campus.  The Staff Senate is a group of those caring people who want the best for their cohorts, and their community.  Being involved with the Staff Senate has given me the opportunity to work with other caring staff members across the campus.  I have been involved, not only as a Senator, involved with numerous Committees, but also as an officer on the Executive Board.

I encourage any Staff to become involved with the Staff Senate, we need your voice and you will find that it is very rewarding.

The following individuals are continuing Student Affairs Staff Senators!  Thank you for continually being an advocate, representing our Division!

Heather Jo Marshburn

“I joined staff senate in 2018 and am beginning my second term.  I joined Staff Senate because I was interested in meeting folks from across the University that were interested in making a positive impact on behalf of the staff of ASU. I wanted to represent Student Affairs in a way that would be visible and known across campus. I joined because I believe in being an active, engaged member of communities I am a part of.” 

Angela Shook

“I wanted to join staff senate as a way to engage with others and advocate for staff.  It's been a great opportunity to meet other staff on campus and participate in discussions that could impact solutions for staff concerns.  It's also been a great opportunity to learn more about our campus and share updates with staff on campus.  I look forward to serving one more year!”



Deanne Smith

I wanted to join Staff Senate as a way to serve and connect to more campus staff as a way to broaden my professional community.  Even after more than 20 years on campus, I knew I could cast the net wider, and I have met some fabulous people in Staff Senate. I feel I have been a long-time advocate for staff at Appalachian, yet this felt like a more ideal time to advocate more openly and publicly as a senator for Student Affairs. 

The following individuals are our new incoming Student Affairs Staff Senators!  Welcome and thank you for representing our Division!


Jennifer Coffey

“First, I am excited to have been given this opportunity.  I have been interested in joining Staff Senate for quite some time, and I am thrilled that I am now able to do so as a representative for Student Affairs.  My desire to join Staff Senate stems from my inner commitment to serving others.  Staff Senate represents the voice of all of Appalachian's staff members, and it is an honor to have the opportunity to represent that voice, serve others, and hopefully make a positive impact for our campus community.”

Christopher Farthing

As far as why I guess I'm joining, apparently there was a write-in campaign in my department, and although I've worked at the university in some capacity for almost 15 years, giving back by serving on staff senate had never crossed my mind until my colleagues got together and tossed my name into the hat. Nevertheless, I consider it an honor, and I look forward to serving!

Sarah Hoffert 

I joined staff senate because I believe that faculty, staff, and students in every sector of Appalachian have unique experience that help us advocate for the needs of our communities either informally or formally. Both are valuable and necessary. I look forward to contributing to core values and efforts that further the success and security for all staff members and to continue the important efforts staff senate members have already made.   

Jazmine Tero

I joined the Staff Senate as a way to be more involved with colleagues and to make sure our concerns are collectively expressed with support from each other. I'm looking forward to working with everyone to focus on progression in our quality of life as staff members and of course, having some fun!