Electronic Student Services, Helping Students Find Off-Campus Housing


For the 11,000+ Appalachian students that live off-campus, finding an apartment can be a difficult task. In partnership with the Office of Off-Campus Student Services,, Electronic Student Services has developed a web-based off-campus housing database which is freely available to Appalachian students and community members.

Rather than directing students towards particular rental agencies or properties -- or matching them with a specific rental unit, the offcampushousing.appstate.edu website gives students the tools to make an informed choice about where to live, so that they end up in a place that's a good fit and meets their needs.


  • Search for apartments, condominiums, and houses and filter your results by distance to campus, number of bedrooms and baths, cost, and by amenities available.
  • List or locate a sublease
  • Find compatible roommates

The newly revamped off-campus housing database is designed to meet Off-Campus Student Services' goal to "provide information that will help students make appropriate decisions." The database offers a reliable, comprehensive, easy-to-use resource, which is especially important for students who are moving from the residence halls to off-campus rentals and for transfer students who are new to Boone and will be living off-campus.

Nov 19, 18