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For details about Student Affairs operations, see the Student Affairs Covid-19 Response. Updated August 21, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.

University Housing Room Change Process Update

Students may request a room change starting Monday, August 31. A link to the Room Change Request form can be found on students’ University Housing Portal. This link will close on October 31; after this date, students can request a Pre-Spring Room Change. Room change requests are not guaranteed due to availability.

Per the Residence Hall License Contract, "Students without roommates may be required to move in together (consolidate). University Housing maintains the right to assign, re-assign and/or adjust the occupancy of rooms at any time for any reason related to institutional interests, in the University’s sole discretion. If at any time a vacancy exists in the room in which the Student is assigned, the room must be ready for occupancy by another student at all times.

Should a student not have a roommate at this time, they may receive one in the room change process. If a student does not wish to have a roommate at this time, they may request a private room buyout for an additional cost. If a student does not wish to have a roommate due to a medical need, they will need to work through the Office of Disability Resources for accommodations.

Aug 27