The university remains open, with emergency management protocols activated and operational modifications and precautions in place. Read the latest updates.

Student Affairs COVID-19 Response.

Happenings in Student Health!

Since January, 2020, our laboratory volume has increased over 30%. This includes 10,007 COVID tests

and bringing some testing in-house that were previously sent to a reference lab. The COVID tests have

been a mixture of the rapid antigen and molecular although we are currently doing in-house molecular

testing almost exclusively.

The overall campus positivity rate is 1.9%, which compares very favorably with the state. The rate for

student health testing tends to be a bit higher as we are typically testing symptomatic students.

The clinic is enrolled with NC DHHS as a vaccine provider and has worked with the School of Nursing,

Emergency Management and many Appstate volunteers to provide 3965 vaccines to students, faculty,

staff and the community. Vaccines will continue to be provided as they are allocated to us by the state.

We have some significant staffing changing coming up over the next several weeks. Two long term

Nurse Practitioners, Sue Sweeting (4.29) and Karen Goodman (8.1) are retiring. They will certainly be

missed and feel free to reach out to them and wish them the best!

Apr 27