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Student Employee Appreciation Week


"Employee appreciation is directly tied with job satisfaction, workplace happiness, and employee morale. When you show your employees that you care, it can also boost motivation, increase engagement, foster loyalty, and increase productivity."

Did you know we have roughly 3000 student employees each year? In addition to the benefits above, 3000 students feeling appreciation is also a powerful thing for our campus as a whole!

What are we asking of YOU between 11/16-11/20? Please complete the following 5 actions that can be scaled to your operation as needed.

1. A simple note: Write your employees a quick, individualized, hand-written note - of course email can also work! Have a lot of employees? Make a plan to divide and conquer! Aim to share something specific for how they have mattered to you & your organization.

2. Instagram shout-outs (Tuesday): first, make sure to follow @appstatecareers on Instagram and Facebook

  • Plan to comment on our Instagram "Supervisors Say ..." post on Tuesday, 11/17; tag the employee(s) you mention!
  • And: post some appreciation on your own social media site, too, and tag us! (@appstatecareers)

3. Spread the word: Share this flier with your students (forward the flier / put by their workstation / post by timeclock) regarding our sweet giveaways and encourage them to come by our contact table on 11/18 to get some free sweet tea, grab some swag, and feel the love!

4. A meaningful chat: Aim to have a personal "check in" with each student employee prior to Thanksgiving; this has been a rough semester for all and connecting on this level lets them know you care about them as a person! Catch them during their shift for a few minutes or schedule some quick time via zoom.

5. Report back: Plan to loop back with Student Employment ( and let us know about your efforts to make your students feel valued during Student Employee Appreciation Week!

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