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Supervising Student Affairs Graduate Assistants

About the Session

This session will examine literature regarding supervision, specically of student affairs Graduate Assistants.  It will also help Graduate Assistant supervisors feel more knowledgeable and equipped to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities around supervising Student Affairs Graduate Assistants.  Lastly, this session will serve as a time to share anecdotal promising practices for supervising Student Affairs Graduate Assistants.

Session II, Attic Window, Room 137C

Learning Outcomes

1.  As a result of this session, attendees will be able to name 4 roles that Graduate Assistant supervisors can have with their supervisee.
2.  As a result of this session, attendees will be able to identify 3 key differences between supervising and mentoring Graduate Assistants.
3.  As a result of this session, attendees will identify at least 1 new practice or strategy that they will apply to their supervision of Graduate Assistants in the coming year.

Presenters: Student Engagement & Leadership-ACT