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New Student Affairs Staff

Care. Engage. Transform. Long

The Division of Student Affairs was pleased to welcome new Student Affairs staff during the fall semester.  If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to meet and greet these new faces and welcome them to the division.  We will also be welcoming more new staff in January.  Below you will find each new employee’s name, title, department, and start date.         

Career Development Center

Mindy Blackburn, 2018-19 Career Advising Fellow, August 2018

Jordan Jackson, Customer Service and Support Specialist, September 2018

Child Development Center

Christian Cook, Early Childhood Preschool Assistant Teacher, August 2018

Josena Aiello, Early Childhood Preschool Assistant Teacher, September 2018

Counseling Center

Matthew Morgan, Staff Psychologist, August 2018

Ashley Wilson, Staff Psychologist, August 2018

Caroline Mann, Post Doctoral Resident, August 2018

Johnathon Crooks, Post-Master's Fellow, August 2018

Leslie Davis-Waddle, Doctoral Psychology Intern, August 2018

Matthew Hussey, Doctoral Psychology Intern, August 2018

Rachel Turk, Doctoral Psychology Intern, August 2018

Electronic Student Services

Cydney Caldwell, Web Application Engineer, August 2018

Multicultural Student Development

Whitney Ward, Student Services Coordinator, August 2018

Office of Student Affairs

Heather Strine-Patterson, Director of Student Affairs Assessment, August 2018

Student Conduct

Lauren Davis, Conduct Program Support Associate, August 2018

Kelli Haas, Case Manager Residential Specialist, September 2018

Jazmine Tero, Case Manager Residential Specialist, September 2018

Student Engagement and Leadership

Doug Baer, Assistant Director of Leadership Development, August 2018

Joseph Harvey, Office Manager, September 2018

Craig Lutz, Assistant Director of Campus Activities for Student Programming, September 2018

Student Health Services

Jennifer Cochran, Medical Laboratory Technologist, December 2018 

Margaret Bumgarner, Administrative Director, M.S. Shook Student Health Services, January 2019

University Housing

Brittany Upton, Administrative Assistant for West Campus, August 2018

Kortni Hollars, Housekeeper, October 2018

Loren Ray, Housekeeper, October 2018

Will Sheppard, Assistant Director of Residence Life, November 2018

Lacey Brown, Assignments Coordinator, November 2018

Troy McNeil, Facility Maintenance Technician-Building Trades, December 2018

Amy Beane, Administrative Assistant, January 2019

Cliff Hampton, Housekeeper, January 2019

Jacob Ray, Facility Building Trades Technician, January 2019

Jason Wolfe, Housekeeper, January 2019