General Information and Nomination

Awarded each year to outstanding graduate students within the Division of Student Affairs.

About The Nomination

Three references are required:

  • One reference must be the Direct Supervisor 
  • One reference must be the Director of the Division within Student Affairs
  • One reference of your choosing

A nomination and reference statement and/or letter must include the following:

  • Evidence of exemplary work ethic and commitment to the position held
  • Evidence for going above and beyond position expectations
  • Potential for success as a professional in the nominee's chosen field
  • Other examples of professional development


Nomination Form

Deadline for Nominations:   Monday, March 6, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.


More About This Award

This award is named for Dr. Gregory S. Blimling who served as Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (previously named Student Development) at Appalachian for 14 years and is a nationally recognized leader and scholar on student affairs.  Under Dr. Blimling's leadership the quality of programs and services for our students improved and expanded.  During his tenure facilities like the Student Recreation Center, Living Learning Center and expansion of the Student Union occurred.  Programs like the W.H. Plemmons Fellows, Women's Center and ACT are examples of new initiatives under his leadership.  A focus area for Dr. Blimling was to support graduate education and experiential learning through graduate assistantships. 

Dr. Blimling was actively engaged in graduate education and professional development of staff.  He has served as editor of the Journal of College Student Development for nine years and wrote extensively on residence life, student affairs and college student development.  He authored numerous books and articles.  One way he brought recognition and attention to undergraduate student life at Appalachian was through the use of graduate assistants.  He recognized their importance to providing model services and programs while at the same time supporting their development to insure qualified professionals were entering the field of student development.

This award is named for Dr. Blimling in recognition of his contributions to Appalachian and his support of our graduate assistants.

Previous Award Winners