Student Affairs Learning Goals

These learning goals are the expectations the Student Affairs Division has for students as a result of experiencing our programs and services. Our belief is that students who engage in Student Affairs activities and services will more fully develop within each of these outcomes. The Student Affairs Division assesses students development of a select group of learning goals each year. These goals were created by the Student Affairs Assessment Committee. Our goals are based on several Divisional retreats and includes input from the entire Division. 

Becoming Intentional Learners

Students will recognize, engage in and integrate learning experiences outside the classroom. Students will develop transferable skills in communication, critical and creative thinking, leadership and teamwork.

Fostering Healthy Relationships

Students will build trusting and supportive relationships. Students will develop reasonable expectations for relationships. Students will successfully resolve interpersonal conflict.

Appreciating Diversity and Different Perspectives

Students will actively cultivate an appreciation for diversity and alternative perspectives. Students will engage with different people and cultures in order to more fully understand the world around them and make local to global connections.

Understanding Community Responsibility

Students will recognize the importance of accountability and integrity and participate in activities that allow them to practice civic responsibility, community citizenship and
public service.

Enhancing Self Awareness

Students will have an awareness of personal beliefs, values, attitudes, emotions, interests, goals and future aspirations and will be able to articulate these goals and aspirations. Students will identify and participate in opportunities that promote self-reflection and personal awareness.

Developing Autonomy

Students will make choices based upon their own values and beliefs. Students will take initiative to set priorities and follow through with them. Students will develop a dynamic life philosophy through their experiences.

Living Ethically

Students will make decisions based on a coherent ethical framework that they can clearly articulate. Students will choose to align their behaviors with their words.

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