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Professional Development Opportunities

We are constantly trying to meet the rapidly changing needs of our staff. We are regularly updating our professional development opportunities, which can be found using the link below.

Diversity & Inclusion Awareness Resources

The resources below are websites, webinars, and presentations that you can view at your own pace. Most video content has been previously recorded so there is not an option for online interaction.

Listen and Connect with Black Leaders on Equity Topics

Get educated on the history that was never written in American history books and commit to share these resources with your networks. Most of us need a crash course on people in the U.S. of African descent to solve the many current day injustices going back generations from the prison system, to police brutality, to educational lack of access, to minimal representation in corporate America and even less representation in earnings and wealth accumulation.

Current Inclusive Leaders and Their Perspectives

Additional Resources

Community Care In Action