2020 Graduate Assistant Training

The Division of Student Affairs offers a training each fall for those students who have a gradute assistantship in the Division and/or those students who are in the HPC department.  Typically these trainings have been in-person, but due to COVID-19, we will be providing virtual presentations via video this year.  We will also have a virtual Q&A session on Tuesday, August 4th fom 3:30pm-4:30pm.  The zoom link will be sent to your appstate email address.

Please take some time to look at the video presentations below (in the order in which they are listed may be helpful).  

Welcome & Introductions-Traci Royster

Division of Student Affairs-JJ Brown, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 

Nuts and Bolts-Matt Dull, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Policies and Resources-Matt Dull, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

"Understanding Our Appalachian Students" will be presented during the live Q&A time.  Interim Dean of Students Alan Rasmussen will be disussing Today’s College Student, Changing Landscape, National Student Perspective, Traditional College Issues, Distressed Student Concerns & Current Complexities

"Cultivating Professional Development & Learning"-Daisy Waryold, Program Chair & Faculty with the Student Affairs Administration program & Traci Royster, Director, Staff Development & Strategic Initiatives, Student Affairs will be discussed at the Q&A Session and throughout the semester. 

 "Role of Student Affairs Professionals" (Jeff Cathey and Alex Howard, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellors for Student Affairs) will be presented during one of the grad assistants professional development session.  This session will include how GAs should develop the professional identity, presence on social media, and navigating professional boundaries.