Self-Care in Student Affairs

Student Affairs Mini-Conference 2017

About the Session

With busy jobs and busy lives in a fast-paced world, developing sustainable wellness practices helps us toward being our best selves and serves as a model for our students. This program will help participants familiarize themselves with a variety of evidence-based practices, and engage in at least one, that can contribute to good mental and physical health. Participants will assess their own self-care practices, identify practices they would like to integrate into their lives over the next year, learn about resources available to employees, and consider how they can create a sustainable work-life "harmony." Finally, we will discuss how, as Student Affairs staff of all roles, we can model and encourage self-care practices to develop students that are resilient, life-long learners.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn a variety of evidence-based practices that contribute to good mental and physical health, and strategies for developing work-life "harmony."
  • Identify a personal plan for self-care practices over the next year, and learn how employee resources at App State can be helpful.
  • Learn how to model and encourage self-care practices for students and co-workers that contribute to a healthy university community.



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