Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

Student Affairs Mini-Conference 2017

About the Session

Is diversity and inclusion work daunting to you? Do you often wonder how you can make an impact when you feel you have so much to learn about inclusion? This session will explore how members of the Division of Student Affairs can come to understand and develop skills that allows you to do this work on a daily basis. The Division of Student Affairs Statement on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence informs this session.

Learning Outcomes

  • Articulate the importance of the Division of Student Affairs Diversity and Inclusion Statement
  • List ideas for implementing the Diversity and Inclusion Statement into their daily work
  • Identify barriers to implementing strategies for doing diversity and inclusion work




Download: Diversity and Inclusive Excellence


Download: Handout Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

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Foundational Statements

Care. Engage. Transform.
Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

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