Campus Connectedness to Career Readiness Through Student Employment

Student Affairs Mini-Conference 2017


This session will invite colleagues to explore the scale and impact of student employment within our division. Attendees will be challenged to fully consider how increased intentionality given to student employment experiences can serve to deliver powerful engagement ranging from early campus connectedness to future career readiness.

Learning Outcomes

  • Awareness of the significance and impact of student employees in this division
  • Identification of the multiple levels of impact created through student employment
  • Development of strategies to provide a more professional and real life employment experience including orientation programs, stronger job descriptions, and helping students articulate how campus work experiences can translate to future employers and/or graduate programs
  • Learning about promising practices in student employment in our division.
  • Knowledge and support of the institutional commitment to facilitate a successful transition for college to a professional path (work, service, additional education)




Download: Campus Connectedness to Career Readiness Through Student Employment


Download: Enhancing Student Success


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